Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Favorite shots...BARCA!

''Un vaso de vino tinto por favor''
That was my very first full Spanish sentence in Spain...i'll probably never forget it..EVER.

One of the streets on a Saturday morning...really quite!!

Spotted this lil' beauty outside the hotel and we just had to take a picture.

I forgot the name of this place but it;s some kind garden with a lot of beautiful statues and fountains in it.Really nice...the weather was hot but being in the garden felt amazingly cool! 
Waiting for a TRAM after a long day of touring around the city and the Barcelona's national stadium.
Ohhhh and I think the TRAM is like one of the coolest way transportation ever invented....will attach a pic .

After climbing a couple of flights up I was exhausted...but the view of the city from up there was certainly worth the climb.
And there is a tram......


  1. Very interesting aisee........!!! I wish I cud have that safari lol...!!!!!!

  2. time tuongozane basi!!!