Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm back...

Hi guys...

...sorry for abandoning you AGAIN.
My laptop was down and my phone is dead (water damage)so It was kind of hard for me to post new topics. But honestly....even if my stuff were working I probably wouldn't have written much anyway because I have being feeling Uninspired lately, which lowers my creativity level.

Anyway I finally got inspired today so let me put it to use before y'all lose interest on my blog!!
Stay tuned......

Ohhh and by the way..I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY.
Being behind a camera or in front of it is something I absolutely enjoy doing. Pictures are perfect when it comes to triggering memories and imagination , inspiring (like what happened to me today) and rewarding emotionally. So I’m gonna have a new session which will be called FAVORATE SHOT(S) at least twice a week... I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Be blessed and stay blessed.

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  1. Unaoga na simu au unaogelea na simu!?